BrightUSB is a leading manufacturer of promotional USB memory sticks, company branded flash drives, custom USB sticks and USB pens printed with your logo on. In fact we can supply and print pretty much anything that has a USB connector on it. We´ve been supplying company branded USB promotional items since 2002 so you´re in safe hands. Our customers range from small local schools and shops to global blue chip brands and some of the largest Universities in China.

So, if you are looking for company branded memory sticks or perhaps you want a USB flash drives manufactured in a custom shape then give us a call or fill out the on-line enquiry form and one of our team will get back to you within a matter of hours. If you´re in a hurry we always carry stock of memory sticks in China and we can offer a 24 hour turnaround service on a selected range of flash drives.

Promotional USB Memory Stick

Promotional USB memory sticks are an effective way of getting the attention of your target market. A trade event, the launch of a new product, start-up business, presentation handout, whatever your company needs to promote promotional USB memory sticks are the answer.

Promotional USB memory sticks have many advantages over other standard promotional merchandise. They are much ´cooler´ than exhausted branded pens or post-it notes, a promotional USB memory stick has a much ´trendier´ and valuable appeal to it that other promotional products. Promotional USB memory sticks are much more usable for potential customer and your brand is therefore more likely to stay in the forefront of their mind.

Logo USB Flash Drive

Let´s be honest, the branding on a logo USB memory stick is probably the most important part of a branded USB flash drive and is the reason that many companies buy them over a non-branded memory stick. For this reason we have a range of products and services that help you get your logo USB right and make the best impact.

Why is a Logo USB Memory Stick so Important?

Not only can the logo and artwork be completely customised to your company´s colours and needs but the case of the USB stick can, for most styles the cases be pantone matched to your desired colour. Simply put, logo USB memory sticks make much more of an impact than a plain USB memory sticks.

What´s the Difference Between a Custom USB and a Branded USB?

A branded USB flash drive uses a pre-set casing from the product range and has a company´s logo printed onto it. A custom USB flash drive has a bespoke casing with a unique shape and unique colours. The size of the flash drive memory chip can also be chosen. So, where the colours and logo are chosen on a branded USB memory stick, everything is bespoke on a custom USB flash drive.

So why choose a custom USB Flash Drive? In the crowded markets of today anything that can help you stand out from the competition is worth its weight in gold. A branded USB flash drive can help you do just that but a custom USB memory stick can give you that extra edge needed. If you don´t believe us take a look at the custom USB flash drives that we have made for clients in the past.